About this site

If you are looking to get into web design and development - you will find plenty of websites which will advise you, teach you and inform you about topics to study, material to read and tutorials to get started. Though it is amazing to find so many resources online - it can be quite a task to select the appropriate materials to get started. Many websites which served us well in the past are now outdated and would belong into an archive. Unless you are already aware of how fast the web moves - you might end up learning from old and dated sources rather than finding up-to-date websites.

This websites aims to address this. eyeSrc is a collaborative project which will evolve over time, you are currently looking at its very first version. Over the next few months there will be changes to the setup, new content and more.

This site is currently in phase #1 and by no means complete in its content. A start to an ever growing and evolving resource site. We are open to suggestions and feedback so please feel free to get in touch.

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