about this site

This site is home to various teaching-related content. This is a personal archive to collect my material in one place and you are welcome to have a look, learn, share and get in touch :)

This is quite a mix of bits, different designs and layouts; and you might find it a little odd to navigate in places. And it all might change over time, too. I make no apologies ~ this is my personal site and I'm having some fun with it when time allows :P

If you are one of my students, looking for your course notes - please check on eyelearn.org ↗ as you'll likely find what you're looking for :)

early versions & a change of plans

In 2012, I registered this domain to become a resource website for my web students. I was running the 'design for the web' course at Tower Hamlets College and had just started teaching on the 'MA Web Design & Content Planning' at the University of Greenwich. I had always planned such an online archive which would prove especially useful with my different groups. Lucky for me, one of my lovely students, Sheharbano, took on the task to build the very first version of this site, linking to my other teaching sites of the time. Adding the old logos here for the memories :)

The project then became a collaboration between a few of us. Sabrina and Julio worked on design, David suggested books and others offered suggestions for content and structure. Our teamwork resulted in an evolved site with three distinct, colour-coded sections. Have a look at the now archived site :)

The plan had been to keep updating the list of resources and eventually integrate a CMS, as well. But life got in the way and we all became too busy and this project faded away. Considering how fast things do move, how many brilliant sites are already out there and how much work an exhaustive resource site would take, I decided to repurpose the domain as an archive of my teaching-related material (as well as some memories: :)) ~ and as always, keep it open to all.


This website is my personal archive and I'd be happy to know that you enjoy browsing its content :) While open to everyone, I have no reason to collect any traffic related data - and so this site has no scripts for tracking or analytics, does not set cookies and does not collect any data whatsoever.