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This site was created for my web students and it has a single purpose – to be an introduction to some of the lovely people who are moving the web forward for the better:

The pioneers who paved the way for web standards. The authors of articles, tutorials and books on web design and development we learn so much from. The inspiring speakers who make us think (and laugh) and challenge our views. The experts contributing to the W3 and teaching us about the evolving standards. The designers sharing their processes. The developers building the amazing online tools we use every day.

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This little list of webbies is, of course, biased by my own views—both as web designer and design tutor— and it is by no means exhaustive. I focus on the experts who inspire me, whose work features in my design teaching and whose work, writing, tools and material I recommend to my colleagues and students alike. Updates will be ongoing and this site will evolve and change some more. In the meantime, I would appreciate your feedback and if you could let me know if you spot any mistakes, errors or broken links. Your suggestions for new additions would be much appreciated, too.

Your input is most welcome.

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