This site is dedicated to all you wonderful people of the web.

Since I started teaching many years ago, I’ve always taken great pleasure in introducing my web design students to our (mostly) wonderful online community. I recount my story into web and how people tell me I am ‘self-taught’. This is a term I dispute as I had so many brilliant teachers via various online sources who guided me along. I learnt from their blogs and tutorials, their shared insights and even got answers to my many questions.

My message to my students remains the same: to seek out people, to find whose work is inspiring and learn from them. To know your experts to follow new and upcoming techniques. To appreciate those who share their insights and solutions.

In the early days, I had a slide deck of about a dozen people who I’d talk about and recommend to follow for inspiration. Over time, my list of lovely web peeps grew and time had come to find an easier and more accessible way to share details on all the inspiring people.

a touch of colour & context

In an attempt to give some context to the expertise of our featured webbies – I’ve added colour to highlight each person’s field. This now expresses the many colourful personalities nicely without cluttering up the page with more details such as tags. If requested, I might evolve this site a little further and set up filtering by subject, for example. For now, it is a simple directory of lovely people :)


our pioneers of the web – those who fought for web standards, promoted CSS and started new trends


everyone who is happy to share their work and processes, writes books, articles, tutorials and teaches via posting online on blogs or social media


our creatives who inspire with their design in all its forms: type design, illustrations, icons, web layouts.


all the coders ~ front/backend development, W3 contributors, tech authors


advocates for our rights – be that online privacy or rights to inclusive design #a11y

a note on the colour and motion

This page features an animated gradient background ~ purely for the joy of splashing some colour :-)
An added purpose of this is to serve as a demo for my ‘Switch it up!’ tutorial on theme switchers. While it is commonly best practice to avoid motion in the first instance and allow an option to turn this on, this page keeps the colour and motion in place on load as demo.

If you have any issues with this – please do let me know. This site is for all – but mainly used by myself for teaching session and therefore my students are my main user group. If feedback suggests that this overload of colour and motion should be disabled by default instead – I will gladly do so. So please do let me know!