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  1. Couldn’t agree more with my colleagues. All I could add is a massive thank you to Prisca who believed in me, guided and supported me even when I thought I couldn’t make it. Her persistence made me discover a whole new potential in me that i wasn’t aware of and that I now can explore and use. I am more keen then ever to keep learning and this course was the right kick that i needed to help me push myself forward. The best foundation ever to learn and explore web design. Also i am grateful that I met amazing people from whom i learnt a lot, both from their support and from their own passion which inspired me most. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! :)

  2. Without any doubt Prisca’s course is the best I have ever attended. It’s unbelievable how much I’ve learnt during this year.

    The course is combining hand coding and some graphic design elements. You will learn how to hand code your website using only a simple text editor – no additional software like adobe dreamweaver. You will also learn how to make your website accessible to everyone and finally – your website will adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

    During the course you will learn how to use the best web design practices in your projects. You will be planning, brainstorming, drawing, designing, coding, coding, coding, coding :) testing, presenting, working with real client, working in a team – a very, very creative time! I loved it!

    Prisca will also introduce you to the web design industry. She will tell you who to follow to keep up to date. You will be attending some talks and meet important people from the industry.

    So Prisca, once again thank you for the amazing year of creative work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and helping me to believe in myself .

  3. If you are looking to study web design, this is your best choice!

    Here you will learn how code clear and semantic, the latest techniques, how to keep update, have the chance to know important people in the web, listen them experience and share them knowledge … in general, how to make the web better.

    This is the prove of, learning from someone who teach what she loves is the best way to learn. That’s exactly why, all of us finished the course with a new passion, web design!

    Definitely high recommended!
    Thanks one more time, wish all the best Prisca!

  4. hello visitors! (future student!)

    there are so many “fat” comments that is difficult to add something new! :)

    course was very good and professional, covered plenty of web design aspects.

    this course and its main Tutor (Prisca) will help you with main and most important issues if you are a bit lost in “web world”

    plenty of guests presentations during the students year will help you meet “right people” in web industry…

    several project will improve your confidence in design and coding skills…

    don’t think too long, stop gooooooogling! email Prisca and ask for free places in new course!

    thx prs!

  5. If anybody wants to understand the real meaning of “Design for the web” then this is the course. Without any glitters and mixing of ready made solutions this is the course which teaches the real understanding of WEB. I myself learnt a lot and really thankful specially to Prisca and all my course mates for their help and support.
    I wish Prisca & all webbies, All the best and would like to add in the last “Long Live Webeyedea”.

  6. If you are looking to learn to code I would only recommend this course. The way Prisca teaches you how to code as well as how the code itself is put together makes it easy to learn. And with all the resources & references that Prisca shares with you – you will never be far away from an answer.

  7. The good habits of Prisca’s teaching method that represents her kind of person was one of my reasons why her course was outstanding from many others that I don’t know. These good habits include the normal languages she applies to make sure I understand what she teaches, her time to guide and support through the process of designing a website to be accessible on the devices presented to us, webdesigners today.

    The existence of human relationship experienced in Prisca’s course was really great, and very important I believe, as informs me that I can work with others, learn from others and as well assist others.

    Also, with the ‘human relationship’, I came to understand fully that, I will be designing for the people, the users, and not myself which, clarifies Prisca’s concept of content (text, images, audio/visuals, and understanding what the project is about and for whom) first, and designing from content out that gives meaning to the designed websites.

    Leading by example: I can not recall how many times I asked Prisca on how she manages all! But mentioning the ‘good habits’ earlier, Prisca is always on time, teaches and also very hungry learning the ‘new’ of the web as it evolves, she learns also from her students, never condemns a student’s idea but instead betters the ideas, shares her approach to her designs, shares events, books, magazines etc she likes, provides helping hands outside class hours etc Which together informs me of the true spirit of a webdesigner, the ingredients to succeed apart from understanding how to code.

    I must leave some space for my mates :) But do get in touch with Prisca for anything you want to know about her course or web, thank you!

    Thank you Prisca, for the Webdesigner I am today!

    And to Mubeen Uddin, Geoffroy Gaborieau, and Sabrina Tirvengadum thank you, for your recommendation of Webeyedea (Design for Web, Web Standard course).

  8. This is definitely the best web design course I could have ever found. Not only does Prisca teach you to hand-code to really high standards, but you learn loads about design principles, tricks, techniques… and she floods you with a ton of resources.

    In addition, everything in the course is about web standards and making the web accessible to everyone, and that is something I personally find really important.

    The course has made me really nail the basics in coding with XHTML and CSS2.1 allowing me to then move on to cutting edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, etc, with much more confidence and getting really good results :D

    Another aspect I think should be stressed, is that this course is really not about learning to use a particular piece of software like Dreamweaver or Photoshop, which would tie you and make you completely dependant on them, but rather, it gives you the knowledge about the techniques involved so that you can then use whatever tool is at hand and produce the best results.

    This course was positively a life-changer for me and I can’t recommend it enough!

  9. Dear Prisca, Sheharbano and Tony said it all…I am not sure I can say it as eloquently as them…but I will give it a try anyway…Thank you for your fire, passion and enthusiasm for the web. I believe this is essential for great teaching – for the teacher passionately love their craft…you certainly do and this is how you stand out among millions of teachers. Don’t lose your fire, long live the web and WEBEYEDEA!

    Elina Manni,
  10. This course has pretty much changed my life for the better. Thanks to Priscas amazing teaching, support and skills, she has given me a skill for life that I can use any time and any where in the world.

    I cannot recommend this course enough. If your’re stuck in a career rut, or just want to learn a new skill and be creative again, do this course!

    A special thank you to Prisca for believing in all of us. Her passion for the web, love of design and free spirited attitude was enough to make me love design again :)

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn in your class and giving me a a whole new career prospect. Best education experience of my life.

    Please keep in touch!
    Sheharbano :)

  11. To anybody wishing to learn about web design, I cannot recommend this course enough.

    Prisca covers the latest techniques and best practices of web design. Her lessons are delivered through an environment that is informal, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve learnt an incredible amount over the past 12 months and I know she has set me up well to find work.

    During the course I managed to receive some freelance work with H Samuel and they were impressed by my coding standards which reflects entirely on Prisca’s teaching.

    Stick with Prisca and I can guarantee you will learn from the best resources, pick up the best practices and receive all the guidance you will need to get yourself started whilst having a tremendous amount of fun and creating many fantastic memories.

  12. By doing this web design course, with the help from Prisca, you will learn, get advice and boost your confidence. Prisca is a very talented tutor who respects and supports you throughout the course and her teaching is excellent. I have studied from primary school to university (almost 16 years) and from my learning experience Prisca’s teaching is top, it’s the best and the most Friendliest.

    I am a graduate in “interaction design” I did not know what direction to go. By doing this course I have learnt a lot and thanks to Prisca I now have the confidence to work for a web design company. Prisca supported me during the job application.
    I will definetly recommend this course.
    Thank you sooo much Prisca. :>)

  13. This is by far the best thing I have done in a very long time. If you are interested in studying web design then I PROMISE YOU this is the best course you will ever do!

    Unlike any other web course you will get so much support from your tutor Prisca, who will help you with anything and is always there for you. She will teach you everything you need to know from her experience as a freelance web designer. This course isn’t just about handcoding website, she also teaches you how to create beautiful designs. It’s a lovely balance and you will create amazing websites during this course.

    I didn’t know any coding whatsoever when I started the course and now I’m handcoding confidently! I have surprised myself – at the beginning I didn’t think in less than a year I could learn this much.

    This course was so much fun and this was to do with having Prisca as a tutor and her way of teaching everything. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone :-)

  14. This course is by far the best thing i’ve done in a long time. I enjoyed every minute of it. If you want to do a course in web design then dont hesitate to enrol for this course. I personally looked around for a good webdesign course and i havent found any course that comes near to design for the web course at Tower hamlets college. Prisca is one of the coolest teacher a student could ever ask for. I wish I was still on the course (i speak for my classmates aswell). Thank you for everything prisca.. Xxx

  15. Doing this course has been a really wonderful experience for me. My interest in web design goes a long way from studying ICT. For having a passion to produce websites, there’s nothing like the buzz of designing the look and feel of establishing an online presence for people to portray their business virtues across for the world to see.

    I had been fortunate enough to come across this course as it had matched with my ambitions in pursuing a career in web design. This course has been a rare opportunity for me to begin to bolster my theoretical knowledge and building up my practical skills in the web field.

    This course was successful, having Prisca as a great tutor who had taught many different aspects of the web really well in a fun and motivating way. I have learnt a lot of new, interesting stuff from hand coding to design techniques within a short time span. I ended up with some fine masterpieces to cherish. Prisca was like no other teacher I ever had, sharing her knowledge and experience first hand. I have also learnt about VIPs in the web industry, so called ‘web geeks’ in learning from the experts to broaden my own expertise of using methods to produce websites that meet high standards.

    If anyone out there would like to go into web design and wants to have what it takes to be one, then look no further as this would be the course for you. It would definitely be worthwhile and would be the right choice you make to follow your career ambitions.

    Many thanks Prisca for teaching this course. Wish you all the best of luck with your next fortunate students.

  16. There are things that mark the beginning and end of something in your life and this course was one of those for me in the positive way.
    I searched for more than one year for different courses at colleges and universities. Luckily my friend, Nicole, recommended this course to me and we started together. In “Design for the Web” Prisca will not only teach you to use programs, write code, design, good taste, latest technologies, standards, social media, rock and who are the gurus to follow ;), but also how to continue learning on your own, and most importantly, Prisca shares all her knowledge and experience, and shows you how she works. She doesn’t hide any information and shares EVERYTHING. That’s something very hard to find.

    Look at my portfolio and my work, I started from scratch and now I’m much more than happy with my progress.
    Prisca thank you very much for your teachings, help and guidance. You’re the best teacher ever!

  17. This is the best course I have ever did!!!
    I’ve never had a teacher as good as Prisca. She loves teaching, she loves the web, she loves creating beautiful things and she will definitely transfer all that passion to you.

    You will learn sooooo much and you will have a lot of fun while you learn.

    I promise that by the end of the year you are not going to want the course to end.

    This course gives you all the skills to start a freelance career or find a job as a web designer, trust me!
    At the end of the course I started doing interviews and I actually got a job as a Graduate Frontend developer. If I got this job is because of Prisca and her course.

    You won’t just learn how to do pretty websites, you will learn about the web community, about caring for the web, about the people you need follow (our beloved “gurus” and a lot more…

    There are not enough words to express how grateful I am. Thanks Prisca, you are the best! =D

  18. The best experience ever attending the web design course by Prisca. I thought it was a good idea to refresh my skills, to get me going into a career as web designer. It was amazing as I can now write coding languages such as XHTML1.0, HTML5, CSS2.1, CSS3 as well as implementing jQuery and PHP.

    Below is my web design portfolio, my final project on The Design for Web course, thanks to the awesome teacher!

  19. If you are looking to start a career in web design or just learn everything you need to know about designing for the web, this is the course for you!

    Prisca is such a wonderful teacher it is amazing how she can bring around the designer in all of us and you will be amazed at what you come up with in such short time. Many other courses i have seen out there will not even come close to what you learn in the short year with Prisca, she is forward thinking and will teach you what is relevant today and the future, not stuck back 10 years like a lot of other courses will try to teach you!

    If you want to learn great web design and have fun whilst doing it, this is the course for you! You will not be disappointed, i miss your words of wisdom and help already Prisca, thank you so much for getting me where i am, (and your patience.) :)

  20. Hi Prisca & everyone,
    I can’t believe how much you have got through already…lol I keep clicking older entries and it’s never ending :)

    I am loving the new students new work “keep it up guys” and keep at it. Prisca is the best teacher in the game ;) so don’t get ignorant and think you can go else were because you can’t…lol you will only end up in some dead end course with a teacher that probably doesn’t even know what a doctype is, teaching you how to build websites using tablebased layout websites or even worse, a photoshop sliced catastrophy of a
    so do your best my fellow designers and keep at it and you will make it :)
    Thanks again, Prisca :)

    W3C aint got s*#*t on Prisca

    Aaron Richards,
  21. Hi, everyone :-)
    Just wanted to say thanks to Prisca one more time.I have to say that I found this course accidentally I knew that I want to study something ,but I haven’t had idea what exactly.Course was amazing and fun.I learned a lots of useful stuff and I really hope that I will be able to spend more time doing web as a freelancer.
    And that’s cool that I have new friends(my ex-study mates)now as well. Thank you, Prisca, very much ;-) xXx

    P.s I definitely recommend this course to every single person who loves design,fun and rock’n'roll :-) I can’t wait to see the new students work next year ;) …And good luck by the way!

  22. Hey People,
    I’m back on track on the to let know the future students that they all should apply for this course before there are no more places left for it.

    It was an amazing year, and I learned so much… and 1 month after having finished the course I got a job as a UIdesigner in London.

    So just 3 simple words… GO FOR IT, it’s worth it!
    I can’t wait to see the new students work next year ;) …And good luck by the way!

  23. Hi again, just to let you know I have survived the year 2010/2011, the wonderful year with Prisca and my classmates. Well worth it every minute. I tell you, if I could do it anyone could… Prisca will make sure You will!! So don’t be late and enrol soon! And don’t forget to look at our ‘thank you’ site
    the best webdesign course in london by prisca who rocks ↗
    All the best :) Alena

  24. Hello Everyone :)
    I am still squeezing the last bit of flavor out of the course…lol
    I will say thanks to Prisca all my life because she actually changed my life.

    I am half way through the course and I am absolutely loving it but also hating the fact that I know it will all end soon :(
    But while it lasts ill be enjoying my time here.

    Before I came to the course I thought I new HTML & CSS but now I am here I realize I only new what it was and not how to use it, but meeting Prisca has changed all of that…hehehhe Prisca is an excellent Teacher and a fantastic web designer also a great friend. I hope to learn so much more from Prisca this year and I am very certain I will…. :) So any one thats hesitating to come to the course please don’t stop your self from taking part in a life changing course…

    Thanks again Prisca.
    Aaron.. :)

  25. Hello Everyone :)
    Well, where to begin?
    I will say thanks to Prisca all my life because she actually changed my life.

    I was a fashion product designer graduated in Italy but I couldn’t find my way/profession in this sector industry.
    So I did 2 short courses in Illustrator and InDesign to develop my graphic skills at the Tower Hamlets College and one day I met Prisca there. She explained me her course ‘Design for the web’ and I remember I was so happy when I went back home that day. The reason was that I had found my profession for the future. To be a Web Designer. Prisca gave me great motivations that day and when the course started (2006/07). I was so into the codes that I was dreaming css layouts every night.
    In 1 year she taught me more things than I learnt in all my years at schools and uni.

    Now after few years I’ve finished the course, I’m working full time for a company as Graphic and Web Designer but I am still learning new codes, styles, layouts from Prisca great works following her on twitter and around web conferences :)
    All the best wishes for you Prisca and good luck for all your students!

  26. Hi Everyone,
    If you’re constantly wondering which webdesign course to choose & you’re looking for something really professional – then this is it what you're looking for.
    Prisca’s a very competent teacher. She always prepares every single lesson – I know few teachers like her. Her passion, knowledge and commitment to her job are beyond doubt – this is Prisca.

    Thanks and good luck to all the students who choose this course.
    Prisca, we love you!!!

  27. Design for the web is an excellent course which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants to get into web design. The course teaches both design skills and coding skills, which are equally important for creating attractive and usable web sites, and both are equally well covered on the course. We also learned how to plan a website both structurally and visually, and essential image creation and manipulation skills. All subjects were conveyed with great enthusiasm and skill by Prisca and Laura, all within the context of building an accessible web, through good design principles and web standards.
    Keep up the good work Prisca, all the best to you and your fortunate students for the next year!.

  28. I simply looove this new look!
    Colours, feel, logo, EVERYTHING.
    The old style was nowhere near what was needed to portray the goodness of the course, whereas this is brilliant and mirrors the beautiful power of the course (in one word: Prisca) to create emerging, creative, knowledgeable web designers ready to work in the world of the web. br /> All the best.

  29. This course has been the most important course of all my study! Prisca is a great teacher, who spends a lot of time and energy to teach us all her knowledge!

    This is a very professional course, I found a job easily after one year learning with prisca. I can’t believe, how much I learn. It’s a great course!!! Thank so much prisca! And very nice new website, love it!!!

  30. It was by chance that I studied ‘Design for the Web’ in year 06/07, I was always interested in computers and technology but this course changed my life, and Prisca was the best teacher ever, her enthusiasm and passion for web so contagious to me that I’m now a successful Web Designer.

    Prisca encouraged every student to get the best of each of us and getting the best out of the web, a course focus on best practices and web standards. This kind of course is unique in London as focus is on handcoding, web standards, best practices, usability and so on, with Prisca supporting each student by email outside of course hours.

    IAnd great new website!! Very nice!! Thanks, Prisca, for all your hard work and enthusiasm that infected all of us!

  31. I am very happy that had opportunity to study web design and handcoding in Priscas class in year 09/10. When I am looking to last year studies now, can say that feel surprised how many tons of web design knowledge Prisca managed teach to us in just two days a week. Before I could not imagine that this course will give so fundamental knowledges about HTML, CSS, webstandarts and so many new skills in graphic design.

    Prisca is a kind of missionary in web religion and she spread her secret knowledge with great passion for everybody who are ready to learn, because web design is her belief and love :)

    In course I realized that there are thousands of ways to make bad webpage and only few ways to do it right, so it was great luck to meet Prisca and studied in her web class. Priscas web course is like a hidden treasure in London and everybody who found or will find it is very lucky :)

  32. enjoyed the courses at Tower: I came from a engineering background and so had to ‘adjust’ to a creative environment; would be nice to keep in touch with ex-colleagues so please feel free to contact me.

    I am pleased this new site is based on open free software!!!

  33. Prisca is one of my favorite teachers and I had lots of them! But she is the only one who immediately answers to your e-mails in the middle of the night! She is very professional and very dedicated to web design and her students. I came to her course without having a clue what html and css are and now whatever I do and wherever I go, people call me “a web designer” – it’s magic :-)

    Prisca, I love your new site – beautiful colors and layout and I am glad that you are keeping your photo!

  34. I would advice to take this course to every single person who wants to learn about web design. The days when I had to go to the college were my happy days. And mostly it was because of Prisca – her personality and the way she was teaching us – her passion for web design got into your head and heart so it comes your passion as well. When I told people what I learned and how much I learned in just 1 year attending this course, they were surprised, especially about a handcoding.

    And if I could I would take this course again :)
    P.S. Prisca, sites new look is great :)!

  35. The course gave me good foundation with the basics and taught me to design creative, accessible and cleanly coded sites.

    Your lovely personality, passion for web design and the way you were always there to help us out, really made me enjoy all the new things I was learning.

    You not only taught us how to code, but to keep up to date with ways to make designing and the user experience better. I still pop into the Eyelearn forum to check out the new discussions that happen. I definitely got out of this course much more than I expected. :)
    Thanks for everything Prisca!

  36. Oh yes, this course was awesome.

    I never thought I could learn that much in one year. Prisca spent all her energy on making us learn everything and be able to go out and find a job. And overall I loved the way she passed on her passion to us. Also, I would like to emphasize her generosity with her own time.

    Like always, Prisca, nice new site.

  37. I love the new site. Very warm in colours and the content. I wish this course would have the future. It helped me to update my knowledge and get a place in Central Saint Martins for further education.

    Prisca is a very professional strict and giving teacher. If you want to succeed she will help you. It is a shame I can’t do this course again :-)

  38. Prisca the new site looks scrumptious!

    The course actually changed my employment prospects pretty drastically. Since completing it I haven’t had any trouble finding work. It gave me an excellent foundation of skills upon which I have continued to build. And I should be ever grateful I stumbled upon it!

  39. great new site
    fab course, working now on lots of cool things such as Blackberry, Bulmers, Sky the NHS + more all because of doing this course, it was a great start to the world of web

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